Codorniz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thank you for your interest in our award winning estate grown olive oil.

This year, we decided to submit our oil for competition. We entered three different types to both the California State Fair and to the California Olive Oil Council. 

Since we have begun making olive oil, our Pendolino olives, pressed alone, has been our favorite. We were delighted that the judges agreed, as this oil won gold medals in the robust category of both competitions. It is fruity and yet has a strong green peppery finish. It is an excellent finishing oil.

Coratina has among the highest phenol levels possible. (Ours is 550/650) This confers high anti-oxidant properties to the oil. It is very green and packs a delicious punch. This varietal won silver medal in the robust category of both competitions.

The Field Blend combines approximately 40% Frantoio, 40% Coratina and 20% Pendolino, for a very accessible green and creamy oil. This oil won a silver medal in both competitions in the category of moderately robust. My sisters and I use this oil liberally in any recipe calling for olive oil or as a substitute for butter. For example, roasted sun choke and wilted spinach salad. The lemon notes add an unexpected, yet nonintrusive, layer to flavor. (Check out other menu ideas from Al Pie del Cielo kitchen in our recipes tab.)

We have just begun to sell our olive oil in plastic carton shipping boxes which hold 2.5 Liters. We will fill them only at the time of order. Our olive oil is priced as follows:

New Items & New Pricing

One Liter of EVOO in Italian tins:
One liter 2020 Silver medal x 2, robust Coratina
And small quantity left.
  • $39.99
Pendolino 2021 (no medals)
  • One liter $36
Field blend (2 silver medals)
  • One liter $32
SPECIAL DEAL: Field blend 2020 - Silver medal, medium x 2
  • One liter tin $21
NEW Olive Oil Tasting Collection
  • $25


Field Blend,  2 silver medals: NOW 50% off

  • 2.5 L at $160, NOW $80
  • 5.0 L at $290 (best value) NOW $145

 Coratina - high phenols, 2 silver medals:  

  • 2.5L at $165
  • 5.0 L $295 (best value)

Pendolino, 2 gold medals  

  • 375 mL at $28   

Higher  volumes are available upon request.

We  are also offering a 2.5 L and a 5.0 L stainless steel amphorae for convenient storage. They are priced at $80 and $99, respectively.  These come with a charming durable spigot for decanting the oil into cruets, bottles or measuring cups. 

We can ship one bag filled with our olive oil inside the 2.5 L amphorae; or two bags in the 5L. Future purchases of our olive oil will then be  shipped similarly, but in cartons.

We are selling a small quantity of remaining bottles (750 and 375 mL volumes) from previous harvest at a 50% discount. 

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